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Contracts and other Legal Forms

They say the large print giveth and the small print taketh away. It might as well be YOUR small print when things go bad in a business deal! The resources below give information and 'boilerplate' legal forms, but they are not substitutes for a good music attorney.

La Costa Music Offers single contract forms for $15-30, or a package of 11 forms for $70.
101 Music Business Contracts 'Boilerplate' (fill-in-the-blank) contracts for performance, copyright administration, song publishing, rights management, broadcast releases and more. Available by download ($47) or by mail in a 2 CD set ($67 plus shipping).
MusicContracts.com Prepared by a music attorney, these seem a bit pricey to me for boilerplate... $20-30 per agreement, with assortment packages running $130-230
MusicLegalForms.com Individual forms from $9-19, packages from $40-150.

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