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Guitar Discussions

One of the amazing things about the internet is the way it can bring us all together - we've met guitarists from all over the world, and shared musical ideas through discussion groups. These are among the best we've found:

Acoustic Guitar Discussion Forum From Acoustic Guitar magazine, this has about 20 sections and a lot of traffic.
Acoustic Guitar Forum From International Guitar Seminars, this has three posting areas. Low to moderate traffic.
Christian Guitar Discussion Forum About 20 sections for discussion here.
FDP Forum FDP = Fender Discussion page (not an official site), with 25-30 areas and fairly heavy traffic.
Fender Talk Another site for Fender Afficianados, this has about 18 areas. Moderate traffic.
Guitar Dogs About 14 sections, fairly low traffic. Sections have canine names, like Veterinarian (for discussion on repairs), Dog Show (for upcoming gigs) or Dog Pound (for gear to buy/sell).
Guitar People This is the Mel Bay forum. About 8 areas, very light traffic.
Guitarist Guitar Discussion Forum No, that's not a typo, it's what they title their page. Their interface is new - the old one had a lot of junk to wade through in the posts at times; no telling how well moderated this will be. Three areas, not much traffic compared to others.
Guitarists.net Forum A decent amount of traffic, with 25-30 posting areas.
GuitarNoise Active, and well moderated, with 25-30 posting areas. The site also offers many articles, reviews, lessons, and a newsletter. We post here frequently.
Guitar Notes Discussion Forum Fairly active, with about 20 posting areas.
Harmony Central User Forums This may be the most active guitar site on the internet. It's moderated, and has a search function, but with over 1.6 millon posts in about 20 areas, there's still a lot to weed through. We post here once in a while.
Jam Session An active discussion forum with about 17 different areas. We post here once in a while.
Music Software Discussion & Help 7 posting areas (one specifically for guitarists), but very light traffic.
TDPRI A forum for Telecaster fans. About a dozen posting areas.
The 13th Fret Bills itself as the world's most popular acoustic discussion forum (not even close, but they might aspire to fill those shoes), this has about a dozen areas and light traffic.