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Guitar Manufacturers

Manufacturers are listed by type of guitar. Since everyone seems to have a 'custom shop' these days, and to some 'custom' work means it comes in a different color, here are our definitions:

Stock - they've already made it, you buy it. Guitars with different pickups as the only 'custom' option we've classified as stock. Makers who build one-of-a-kind guitars still fall under our 'stock' category if they do not accept customer input on design.
Semi-custom - the guitar is built for you from a menu of available options. If you can specify tuners, color, and pickups, it'll be here.
Custom - you get to pick the wood, and you can modify the body. Most listed in this category will be luthiers building individual instruments rather than a department in a factory (although there are some exceptions).

Acoustic, Stock
Acoustic, Semi-Custom
Acoustic, Custom
Arch Top & Hollow Body Electric
Arch Top & Hollow Body Electric, Semi-Custom
Arch Top & Hollow Body Electric, Custom
Classical, Semi-Custom
Classical, Custom
Electric, Stock
Electric, Semi-Custom
Electric, Custom
Resonator (lap steel)

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