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Guitar Chord sites

No matter what style you play, you'll want to know chords. You'll also want to be able to finger them in as many different positions (called voicings) as possible - the more chords you know, the easier it will be to make your changes sound smooth. Listed below are some sites that will help.

All Guitar Chords Well, it's not really all the chords - but you can find several voicings for each chord type. It also recommends one or more scales that work over the chord.
ChordFind.com Nifty little application that shows some possible fingerings for various chords. Click on the 'variation' button to bring up another voicing - all the chords I tried had three each.
Chord House Has one voicing for each position of a chord (and some positions aren't shown). The MIDI option to hear what the chord sounds like one string at a time, followed by a strum is a nice touch.
E-Chords.com Claims to have 350,000 songs. Premium membership allows you transpose to other keys.
eMedia Java Chord Dictionary You can get one voicing for each chord here - eMedia sells instructional software that will give you more. One nice thing about this utility is the ability to clone a window - you can place chord fingering charts in sequence over a song you're trying to learn from the web.
Guitar Chords Generator This is pretty cool - generates a voicing based on parameters you select, including the guitar tuning! More than 20 tunings are available, including capo tunings.
Online Guitar Chord Dictionary Here you select the root, chord type, bass note, and position, and you get chord diagrams that fit. More options are found here than on other sites, but some voicings I use all the time aren't in their database.
Ultimate Guitar Chord Chart 14 pages of chord diagrams, printable in pdf or Postscript. One voicing for each chord - the site says there's 1200+; I counted 1,034.

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