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TAB has become ubiquitous. I'd recommend all guitarists learn to read standard notation, but there's no denying that TAB is handy, fast, and freely available. It's also often wrong... keep that in mind when you're visiting these sites - a TAB transcription is only as good as the ears (and fingers) of the person preparing it.

If you search the internet for tabs, you'll find lots of directories, and some sites that say they have tabs, but don't. We actually visit each site to see if they're legit - if they aren't, they don't get listed here.

A-Z Guitar Tabs 40,000+ tab files.
Absolutely Guitar Tabs Small site, about 3 dozen tabs for Beatles, Satriani, and Ramones.
ATAME Spanish tab site (in Spanish) with 40,000 songs
Band Guitar Tablature Directory A directory of tab sites for specific bands. Nice idea, not well updated - of 7 bands I looked up, 6 were dead links.
Christian Guitar Resources 10,000+ tabs for 900+ Christian music artists
Co-acoustic.com Difficult to navigate. 10,000 songs.
Cowboy Lyrics.com Country song lyrics and tabs.
Direct Tabs.com 100,000 tabs
Electric-guitar.co.uk Only half a dozen tabs here when we checked. Curious that their banner ads say they have 400,000.
E-Tabs.org About 40,000 songs
Free-tabs Looks like mostly rock, classic rock, and indie stuff.
Fresh tabs Tabs of newer songs.
Fretplay 30,000+ tabs. This may be searchable only by band name. A song search I tried came up with only band names (and dozens of those!) which had nothing to do with the song.
Gitaar Tabs Netherlands tab site (in Dutch, but all the tabs we viewed were in English). Separate sections for tabs done in text and those done using Power Tab software.
Greg's Midi and Tabs This site has tabs with downloadable MIDI backing tracks to practice with.
Guitar Board.com Not sure how big this site is - a pretty wide variety of music, though.
Guitar Notes 150,000+ tabs.
Guitar Resources A little smaller than some of the big tab sites, but a fair selection.
Guitar Tabs of the Week Smaller than most other tab sites here; mostly rock tunes.
Guitar Tab Universe 60,000+ tabs searchable by artist or song.
Guitar Tabz 19,000+ guitar tabs.
Kyle's Virtual Guitar Lessons Lessons and tabs, mostly rock.
Metal Tabs.com 7,500+ tabs for songs from about 600 metal bands.
Metallica Tablature Tabs for Metallica tunes.
Mike's Guitar Site Tabs for blues and rock tunes; songs are in both text and Power Tab.
MX Tabs 150,000+ tabs.
My Song Book.com This site has only tabs written using Guitar Pro tab software. It's a $59 tabbing program - we haven't tried it, so we've got no opinion on how good it is - but there's a free demo version for you to try out.
OLGA The OnLine Guitar Archive. 28,000+ files, searchable by artist, with some 'quick links' by genre.
PJ's Guitar Chords, Tabs, and Lyrics About 1300 songs. Most have only lyrics and chords, but we found a few that were tabbed out.
Rock Magic Tabs for about 50 bands.
Tab Crawler Says they have 100,000+ tabs... but every search I tried timed out.
Tab db Fairly small, but some nice tunes.
Tab of the Day Looks like in a good month, it's really tab-every-other day; in a bad month it's tab-every-other-week. Mostly metal/rock.
Tab Girl 100,000 songs
Taborama 36,000+ guitar tabs.
Tab Power 55,000 tabs, mostly rock.
Tabs 4 Acoustic Fairly small French site.
Tabs Search Engine Robot that indexes other tab sites; 850,000+ tabs. Trouble is, you'll probably find 20 identical ones for a song you search - most tab sites seem to have the same transcriptions in many cases.
The Tabworld.com Yet another one that claims to be the largest on the internet (how can all of them be??). The site includes lessons, a discussion forum, and a chord generator in addition to tabs.
Tab World Online Guitar, bass, and drum tabs, plus a chord finder. Offerings look a little thin, and some of the artists listed have no tabs behind them, but what we saw looked good.
United TABs of America Search engine didn't work when we visited. We counted 47 songs
Ultimate Guitar Tabs Archive 70,000+ tabs searchable by artist or song.
Unofficial Aerosmith Guitar Archive Decent selection of Aerosmith tabs.
WorldGuitar.com A few lessons, some chord info... but the tab search engine wasn't working when we visited.

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