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Bear in mind that song lyrics are copyrighted material, and belong to the artists or other copyright holders. We assume these sites have permission from the copyright owners to distribute these lyrics. We do not endorse publishing lyrics without permission.

Christian Rock Lyrics Lyrics for Christian rock, metal, hardcore, and alternative songs.
Chordie Irish site with pop, rock, and Irish lyrics and chords. Chord charts automatically transposed to other keys!
Cowboy Lyrics.com Country song lyrics and tabs.
e-chords.com This site is slick! For each song (they say they've got about 36,000), you can find lyrics and a chord chart - but the slick part: you can get variations on each chord, transpose by half or whole step to other keys, or even see left-handed fingerings with the click of a mouse.
Lyric Crawler Search for a song, and it brings up links to sites that have the lyrics.
Lyrics, Chords, and Tabs Looks like a pretty big site. The songs we clicked on at random were mostly lyrics only.
Pianosong This French site (in French, but the lyrics we found were in English) gives chord names in the French style - so you'll see 'Do M7' instead of CMaj7, etc. Mostly pop, blues, and jazz tunes.
PJ's Guitar Chords, Tabs, and Lyrics About 1300 songs, mostly pop/rock.

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