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Rhyming Dictionaries

Every songwriter needs access to a good rhyming dictionary. For years I've used Clement Wood's Rhyming Dictionary; there are now online sources that don't exactly rival it, but they do sometimes offer convenient features:

Ansme.com Returns a smaller set of results than most of the others on this page (which isn't necessarily a bad thing for common rhymes). Also has a dictionary and a 'related word' function that's something like a thesaurus on steroids - it gives synonymns, antonymns, more general and more specific terms.
Landenberg.com A meta-search for dictionaries, rhyming dictionaries, quotations, anagrams, and more.
Lexical FreeNet Connected Thesaurus This is pretty cool - it includes a selection for "rhyme coersions". You enter two words, and it finds a pair of rhymes that are at least loosely related to each word... I entered "come" and "love", and it returned 25 results like "convey-play" and "bring-sing". Probably a good idea generator when you're stuck.
Poetry.com The rhyming dictionary gives the same results as Rhymezone's. Also includes lookup for synonymns, homophones, similar sounding words, etc.
Rhymer.com Online rhyming dictionary with lookups for ending rhymes, starting rhymes, double rhymes, and more. At first I was impressed with this... but then I looked a bit closer: it suggested "maxim" as a possible rhyme for "come" (to give just one example of innacurate rhymes). The free lookup gives limited results, though for most words I tried it suggested more than enough results to be a worthwhile resource.
Rhymezone Online rhyming dictionary and thesaurus. Results looked good (and fast) for a few words I tested.
Write Express Online rhyming dictionary. Seems to have the same engine as Rhymer.com.

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